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About  Jacqui

Jacqueline Lumer has received a dual-masters in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Notre Dame de Namur, 2009.
Her clinical experience includes a non-profit counseling center, an educational setting, a cancer treatment center, and now, in private practice. She has taught parenting classes and worked with developmentally challenged children and their families. She has helped the terminally ill with emotional relief and developed an art therapy directive for couples to increase empathy.  Jacqui enjoys working with many types of clients with whom she can collaborate with--there is nothing more rewarding than to bare witness to someone's growth
and potential.

Jacqui was born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents with many stories to tell that surely honed her keen listening skills and compassion for the human experience. Her undergraduate studies led her to an exciting first career in New York City's advertising world in the 90s and understands the stress of deadlines and politics. She has been calling San Francisco home for nearly 25 years. She has two adult kids and two crazy kitties. From my own personal experience, I have found it is not the struggles or successes that define your life, but how you hold them within you.


Mindful Parenting and Co-parenting, Apple Family Works, 2010

Non-Violent Communication, BayNVC, 2012

Emotionally-Focused Therapy, ICEEFT, 2013

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDRia, 2014

Sex Therapy, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2017

I long, as does every human being, to be at home
wherever I find myself.  

~ Maya Angelou

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