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Everyone has a unique story to tell with their own thoughts and feelings attached. and so I tailor my approach to you. I may use psychodynamic, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and/or somatics, but I always join you wherever you are. Therapy is a process of collaboration and trust and it has been said, a microcosm of all relationships. Together we will reveal what may be keeping you from your best self and the relationships you desire. 

"Working with Jacqui was very productive. She introduced me to the therapy style of EMDR. In these sessions she was able to help me with my creative block, stress, depression and self confidence. Thank you Jacqui."  -D.S. 33-year-old male

"Talking with Jacqui was great. I only had 8 weeks to work with her, and would certainly have loved to keep going, but in the time that we had she drastically improved my ability to recognize, understand, and manage my anger."  -C.S. 26-year-old male

"I came to Jacqui in order to address the grief and loss of my father. We worked together using art to remember and honor him in a beautiful way. I now have a keepsake and feel a sense of completion having made the space to do so."  -J.M.. 52-year-old female


Kids and Families

Childhood is both a time of wonder and incredible challenge at nearly every stage of development. Parents need the compassion and tools to manage the difficulties as well as the capacity to enjoy the wonderful ones.  I provide a nurturing and fun space for younger kids to express themselves with art and play. My work with teens is a safe and understanding place for them to work through their struggles and develop into independent and striving young adults. 

"Our daughter was having difficulties with transitions and managing emotions. Jacqui worked with us as a family as well as made the sessions engaging for her using art. I can say we all benefited from the 3 or 4 months of therapy"  -R.T., mom of 9 year old

"Our 16-year old was struggling in high school with social situations and public speaking. Jacqui taught the tools to manage anxiety and explored some early traumas using EMDR. He gained confidence and just in time for college."  -S.P., mom of 17 year old

"Jacqui helped us find a workable strategy for co-parenting our daughter. We were also able to alleviate some of the lingering issues from our divorce which made our communications less triggered and more focused on raising a healthy teenager."  -M.H., dad of 13-year-old 



Nothing activates us more than our loving relationships––from feeling transformed and passionate to touching our deepest wounds. For this very reason, couples' therapy can be an eye-opening discovery for what comes up in nearly all relationships. Together we will rebuild the trust to be open and vulnerable with your partner. When you can truly be your most authentic self, a natural deepening of your connection and intimacy that once was or even more so can be rekindled.

"After having been to couples counseling twice in the past, we were looking for a new therapist to support us through our recent life changes. Over the course of a year and a half [and adjusting to a mental health diagnosis], Jacqui worked with us to better understand each other and our relationship dynamic. She helped us reconnect with the best of who we are as a couple - things that can be easily forgotten. We are in a much better place now and feel empowered with the tools to manage stressful times in our relationship. We highly recommend Jacqui for couples counseling!" -M.L. & J.P., married 20 years

"We came to therapy at a very trying time in our marriage. Jacqui helped us communicate difficult topics which unfortunately led us to separate. However, with Jacqui's assistant, we were able to do so in the kindest, gentlest way. It felt good to air our frustrations and disappointments, so that we could walk away with a sense of completion and caring."  -J.S & C.M., married 7 years

"At a time when we were considering an open-marriage, Jacqui created a safe and non-judgmental space to share our needs and discuss our options. We felt she had a good understanding of the subject and this was a relief after trying other therapists. We now feel closer and stronger as a couple with more intimacy between us."  -R.D. & S.D., married 15 years

Orientations & Techniques:

Work Relations

Have you reached an impasse with a business associate? Do you need help with communication and conflict resolution? Maybe you need a coach with an objective point of view to guide you with tools. so you can be more effective in the workplace. Get your communications back on track, fast—your success at work relies on this.

"Having different work styles, my partner and I had challenges that got in the way of our rapport and productivity. Once we sat down with Jacqui to guide us, we came away with a better understanding and clearer communication. The few hours we invested to work this out has made all the difference in our worklife"  -R.G., ceo & S.T., cto



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